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Currently cardiac telemetry monitoring (arrhythmia, ST-segment & QTc) is limited to the MICU, PCU, and 4C medicine wards. Due to this limitation there may be delays in patients being admitted to telemetry from the emergency department or unnecessary boarding within the MICU awaiting a telemetry bed. 

Please review the the evidence based indications for telemetry monitoring within our facility. These guidelines are taken from the AHA Guidelines (2017) and the summative VHA telemetry Guidebook (2020)

Telemetry should be reviewed on a daily basis, and discontinued if no longer indicated or appropriate. 

To Order Telemetry:

1) Select an indication (below).

2) Customize the alarm and call provider settings for your patient. 

3) NOTE: the telemetry set automatically discontinues daily, so you need to re order the order set if you want to keep your patient on telemetry. 

To Remove Telemetry 

1) Change ADT order (From Telemetry to Medicine).

2) Put in Nursing text order (Order #99) (Please discontinue telemetry). 

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