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The DC VAMC printing works on a “Print Server” system, which allows you to print to any printer in the medical center using your PIV and PIN. Here’s how to make it work:

  • Start Menu >> Devices and Printers >> “Add Printer”

  • Click “Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer”

  • “The printer I want isn’t listed”

  • Manually enter: \\vhawasappcan02\secure-print

  • Press “next” to on-screen prompts until a messages says it has been installed

  • Print all documents to “Secure Print”

  • You may now print at any PIV-enabled printer!

I don’t have a PIV badge yet. How do I print?
  1. Find local printer’s name (WAS-PT1329167 will print to the small printer in the copy room near the Chief's office)

  2. Start Menu >> manually enter \\vhawasprt3  >> press Enter

  3. Search for local printer (can use printer name listed in 1. or alternative printer closer to your work room) >> right click >> “Connect”

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